Yayınlanma Tarihi: 17 January 2022 Monday

The Opening Ceremony of the U23 Turkish Freestyle Wrestling Championship Hosted by Our University was Held

The U23 Turkish Freestyle Wrestling Championship, hosted by Hitit University and sponsored by Çorum Municipality, was opened with a ceremony.

The ceremony held at Hitit University 15 July Sports Complex was attended by our Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Öztürk, Deputy Mayor of Çorum İsmail Yağbat, President of Turkish Wrestling Federation Şeref Eroğlu, Çorum Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Haşim Eğer, athletes and many sports fans attended.

Provincial Director of Youth and Sports, Haşim Eğer, in his speech at the ceremony, expressed his satisfaction that this important championship was held in Çorum.

Stating that they carried out the first activity of 2022 in Çorum, Eğer said, “First of all, we would like to thank the Federation President, on behalf of the Çorum sports community, who deemed this competition worthy of our city. We will host 12 semi-finals and Turkish championships in our city until May.”

Eğer thanked Hitit University Rector Prof. Dr. Öztürk for opening its doors to wrestlers, conveying his wishes of success to the athletes participating in the competitions.

Turkish Wrestling Federation President Eroğlu said that the championship was held in Çorum upon the proposal of Çorum Municipality.

Eroğlu said, “As the wrestling federation, we attach great importance to such organizations so that the future European, World and Olympic champions come out of these mats, so that wrestling can be popularized among the youth.”

Eroğlu, who also thanked the Çorum Municipality, which contributed to the organization of the U23 Turkey Championship, and the Hitit University Rectorate, which opened its doors to wrestlers, said, “By the way, we had a bad accident on Sunday. We lost our brother İbrahim Halil Kay. Today we hung his picture in our living room to keep his memory alive. His place is in heaven, may his soul rest in peace. He was truly our wrestling ambassador in the Southeast. We will not forget him, we will not make him forget," he said.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Öztürk also pointed out the importance of universities to act with the consciousness of an institution that is in harmony with the values of the society and raises them, as well as research, development and education activities.

Expressing his happiness for hosting such an important organization as the U23 Turkey Championship as Hitit University, Prof. Dr. Ozturk said:

“I would like to express my gratitude to our Federation President who provided such a beautiful organization and paved the way for us, our esteemed Governor and related institutions, and our Mayor of Çorum, who never left him alone in this matter. What does this indicate? This is the union that underlines the place and importance of wrestling and wrestling in Turkish sports. This is an indication of Çorum's love for wrestling. It is very important for Hitit University to show the determination and determination of combining our values and traditions with the expertise and values of higher education, which is integrated with its city, in order to create an environment worthy of our young people who sweat on these mats in order to wave our crescent and star flag in the world.”

Prof. Dr. Öztürk: “We have demonstrated our intention to make wrestling the specialty of our Faculty of Sports Sciences”

Rector Prof. Dr. Öztürk stated that as a university, they are working to give the necessary support to the Turkish ancestral sport, wrestling, and said:

“We have expressed our intention that the specialization area of our Hitit University Faculty of Sports Sciences is wrestling and sports fields depending on wrestling. Hopefully, with the appreciation and support of our Esteemed Minister of Sports, we, as a university, will try to support the successes of our city, especially our Municipality, in the context of professional clubs. Of course, we will take decisive steps to show that we stand by each of our brothers and sisters who are sweating, together with our Federation and our Ministry.”

Prof. Dr. Öztürk also expressed his condolences to his family and the sports community, as well as to the Head Coach İbrahim Halil Kay, one of the athletes of Batman Petrolspor's wrestling team, who lost his life in a traffic accident while coming to Çorum to participate in the Turkey U23 Freestyle Wrestling Championship.

Deputy Mayor of Çorum, İsmail Yağbat, said that as the Municipality, they act as a locomotive in many fields of sports, but they make an effort to improve wrestling in particular.

Noting that they believe that Federation President Eroğlu will bring wrestling to a better place, Yağbat said, “At the meeting where our Mayor and Federation President came together, a mutual agreement was reached that the first organization of 2022, this championship, would be given to Çorum. In this context, we wish our athletes who come to our city a safe and gentle competition. As Çorum Municipality, we will continue to struggle with the contributions of our Federation presidents in order to make Çorum a sports city in all branches of sports, especially wrestling.”

A Cooperation Protocol was signed between our university and the Wrestling Federation

At the ceremony, “Athlete Analysis Collaboration Protocol” was signed between Hitit University Faculty of Sports Sciences and Wrestling Federation Presidency.

Protocol was signed by our Rector Prof. Dr.  Ali Osman Öztürk and President of the Federation Şeref Eroğlu.

Within the scope of the protocol, it is aimed to determine the strengths and weaknesses by collecting information about the attack, defense, counter, combined techniques applied according to the positions in wrestling and the determination of sports injuries that occur during the match.


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