Yayınlanma Tarihi: 22 March 2022 Tuesday

Strategic Study for the Energy Sector from Hitit University

At Hitit University, a project was prepared for the development of the system that will enable the transportation of natural gas in liquid form at a much lower cost. The project, which was prepared within the scope of cooperation with a Çorum-based company, will also be supported by TÜBİTAK.

The project was accepted, which was prepared and presented under the supervision of Hitit University Faculty of Engineering Lecturer Prof. Dr. İrfan Kurtbaş  to the TÜBİTAK 1001 Scientific and Technological Research Projects Support Program.

Within the scope of the project, it is planned to develop different finned evaporators as an alternative to the air heated cryogenic evaporators used in the liquefaction of natural gas.

Prof. Dr. Kurtbaş, in his statement, stated that the liquefaction-gasification process is an important process in the transportation and use of natural gas in the world, and that for this reason, scientific studies have been carried out to develop the system used for the transformation of natural gas from liquid state to gas state.

Pointing out that the first scientific study on the development of heat exchangers used in the gasification of industrial-scale liquid natural gas in Turkey will be carried out under the leadership of Hitit University, Prof. Dr. Kurtbaş said:

“The geopolitical developments in the world, the problems experienced from time to time in energy transmission lines have made liquefied natural gas even more important. The liquefaction of natural gas is carried out under very high pressures and by cooling. The volume of natural gas in the liquid phase is approximately 600 times smaller than the volume of natural gas in the gas phase, making it easier to transport natural gas in liquid form. Again, liquefied natural gas is evaporated at gas stations by means of an Air Heated Cryogenic Evaporator (HIKE). There is a search in the world to perform these transactions at a much lower cost. The contribution of our country to the studies in this field is very limited. As Hitit University, we will be working in this field for the first time.”

It is carried out with University-Industry Collaboration

"In the field of "machinery and manufacturing technologies", which is the field of specialization of Hitit University, by putting the university-industry cooperation model into action, a resource support of 719 thousand 800 liras will be provided by TUBITAK for the project they will carry out together with Cazgir Inc." Prof. Dr. Kurtbaş stated and continued: 

“This project idea has emerged due to the problems posed by Cazgir Inc., a manufacturer on Air Heated Cryogenic Evaporator (HIKE). Cazgir Makine Inc. is the company with the greatest potential in HIKE production in our country. Within the scope of the work we will do with the product support of 225 thousand liras of this company, different finned evaporators will be developed and examined as an alternative to the existing air heated cryogenic evaporators (HIKE). The behavior of both heat and fluid flow and mechanical properties under cryogenic conditions will be investigated. According to the findings, a software will be developed by determining the optimum working conditions according to the different environment and working conditions of HİKE. Thus, optimum HIKE design will be provided for different climate and working conditions, and production costs and excess production in industrial production will be minimized.”

Prof. Dr. Kurtbaş stated that as a result of the works planned to be completed in 2024 in 30 months, the market share and competitive ability of Cazgir Makine Inc., which has a significant market share in almost every continent of the world, will increase greatly with the product to be developed and said, We will make a significant contribution to the country's economy. With the new system to be developed, our company's operating efficiency will be increased, and it will also contribute to closing the current account deficit of our country in this area.


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