Our International Office was established within the framework of the internationalization strategy, which was particularly emphasized by ‘the renewed Council of Higher Education’. As a result of the meticulous work of our office in 2020, when the world is struggling with a major epidemic, we host a total of 776 students from 50 various countries, ranging from Europe to North Africa, from Central Asia to the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

At the same time, in addition to the international bilateral agreements, the number of protocols signed within the scope of Erasmus+ and Mevlana Exchange Programs is increasing day by day.

Our students and staff have the opportunity to gain experience abroad through the Erasmus+ and Mevlana Exchange programs. We host a large number of guests from foreign universities at our university in the best way possible, and we also participate in many promotional events abroad. As a university, we host international scientific meetings and host important scientists at our university.


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