We Are the Only University Specializing in Machinery and Manufacturing Technology!

Despite being a young university, Hitit University has made important contributions to the regional economy by taking notable steps, particularly in the field of cooperation with industrial organizations, and is one of the 15 universities included in ‘the Higher Education Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Project’ by the Council of Higher Education. Notably, Hitit University is the only university in Turkey that specializes in machinery and manufacturing technology.

The Purpose of the Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Program

In the context of the policy priority of ‘increasing diversity in higher education’ included in the Eleventh Development Plan (2019-2023), ‘Regional Development Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Program’ is carried out in collaboration with the Presidency of Strategy and Budget of the Republic of Turkey, under the coordination of the Council of Higher Education. The program aims to help the state universities established between 2006 and 2008 specialize in a way that will contribute to the development of their own vicinities.

The Objective of the Program

The universities involved in the program are expected to boost economic potential of the vicinity in the determined specialization issues, as well as to develop university-industry collaboration by creating

projects that will enhance productive capacity.

Specialization Vision of Hitit University

The specialization vision has to do with the contribution to the regional and national development by carrying out qualified research in the field of machinery and manufacturing technologies.

Specialization Objectives of Hitit University

The main objective of Hitit University's specialization is to increase the amount of strategic products in the the field of ‘Machinery and Manufacturing Technologies’ in the TR83 Region, which primarily includes the cities of Amasya, Çorum, Samsun, and Tokat.

The activities are carried out in four four sub-components (below) simultaneously in order to increase the potency of the vicinity in the fields of machinery and manufacturing technologies by effectively developing public-university-industry collaboration in the process of specialization of Hittite University.

• Transition to medium-high and high technology and innovation,

• Communication technologies and digital transformation,

• Entrepreneurship,

• Effective use of financial and human resources

Transition to Medium-High and High Technology and Innovation

The internationally accredited Hitit University Scientific and Technical Practice and Research Center (HUBTUAM) contributes to the development of products manufactured by medium-high technology industries, and the establishment of standards. In the context of specialization, our highqualified centers like HUBTUAM provide solutions for the needs of the industry in order to strengthen the research infrastructures in the field of machinery and manufacturing technologies. Furthermore, the universities involved in the program provide regional infrastructure support in the field of specialization by developing coordination and cooperation among similar centers in the TR83 region.

Communication Technologies and Digital Transformation

The universities are expected to play a pioneering role in developing technology-oriented industrial projects and creating a vital collaboration in order to increase brand products in the region of TR83, one of which is Çorum. The universities are also expected to take a key role in the development of medium-technology products and the establishment of corporate and incubator firms that are compatible with industry 4.0 and 5G applications. The universities, in this context, aim to develop their technical infrastructures and human resources at a regional level by establishing institutional collaborations. In addition, the universities are expected to organize regional events for industrial organizations operating in the field of specialization to produce publicly-funded national and international projects on communication technologies and digital transformation.


The Technology Development Zones (Technoparks), Technological Transfer Offices, Project Coordination and Guidance Offices that provide services in the vicinity are expected to create a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and to develop active and effective consultancy services and human resources, particulary in the field of specialization. Therefore, one of the major aims is to establish coordination between the incubation centers within the Technology Development Zones in the TR83

region, as well as to develop them both physically and functionally.

Effective Use of Financial and Human Resources

Industrial enterprises focusing on high value-added technological production will have access to powerful and innovative financial instruments that will help them increase their long-term investments. It is also planned to give consulting services in order to improve the efficiency of investment by identifying financial risk parameters. The development of training modules that will enable the effective use of human resources and their implementation with corporate cooperation are

among the major priorities for strengthening the research and development in TR83 Region.

The following are the priority areas to concentrate on during the specialization process:

• Defense

• Health

• Food Technologies

In this regard, it is planned to support and conduct regional development-oriented projects that have traceable objectives in these areas, observe the dynamics of the relevant science/technology fields, and strengthen the production potential of high value-added products in the vicinity.


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